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Everyday we at Forex College get spontaneous notes from our readers/candidates thanking us and sharing their impressions of the quality of our e-Learning Course and Services. Below is a sample of hundreds of emails and voluntary testimonials we receive. We would love to hear your online trading success stories!

Elizabeth-Ann Collins wrote.At first I thought its going to be the same old same, all this indicators will be dumped on you and youll need to find your own way to make trading work. Then I started to work the chapters and realized that the Evolve as a Trader Book Series is a self-help financial empowerment book like no other. It use a simple evolution technique to help you master each concept before moving to the next, the content flow smoothly from one chapter to the other, all in numerical order to help you keep track. Then I got to the trader phycology chapters, what a great section of the book, this is really a self-help eye opener to see yourself as a successful trader, and help you to act in your best interest. I loved the morning pages exercise and connecting with the inner child. WOW!! What a journey. It did not stop here, to help me cope with the stress levels associated with trading and to stay in top shape the chapters on traders health really helped me to understand that this is no walk in the park, and if you are serious about building wealth you should look after your health so that you can enjoy your wealth. Moving on to the real jaw dropper, the way the wealthy uses compounding to build more sustainable wealth made me look at wealthy people in a total different way, the highest respect, as they just know how to make it work, now I do too. Tom, thank you for the face to face meet the other day, it was so brilliant to sit down and chat with you. Even though you are successful you remain humble, and that makes you an adorable person. I want to thank you and the instructor team members for a memorable journey. You have changed my life, and I will always be thankful. Evolve as a Trader is the best way to live life on your terms.

Following the H & S pattern you showed a couple of days ago, I rode the GBPUSD up for over a 100+ pips gain. But then it stalled and last night I saw a negative divergence of MACD on the 1hr chart and shorted it at 1.2266 and so far I am up about 60+ pips. Your Evolve as a Trader Book Series is amazing and so much simpler than the so called GURU trading course. Can't thank you enough Forex College team. Keep up the good work.– Liam Smith, Phoenix, AZ

From Olivia Jones of Ontario, Canada: I ordered and received your Evolve as a Trader Book Series about two months ago. I've been trading according to your method ever since. The Pivot System is just amazing.

Just received this from Noah Williams of Minnesota even before she received the Evolve as a Trader Book Series: I spent approx. $1,500 on training and I have already learned more in your mentoring area then I did from any of those materials.

Malakai Shah. of Amman, Jordan offers praises for our Evolve as a Trader Book Series: I read your system twice and I get it! I see it so clearly now. I traded the Forex for 2 years and tried everything (automated systems, books, different trading methods). When I read your system I revised it with 1 year history on GBP. I got mad because I did not start with your system the result was more than great, Unbelievable! That I wasted so much time on stupid books and stupid payable fancy indicators that some companies offer. YOU CHANGE MY LIFE!!

I am quite literally astounded at your accuracy of predictions day after day of receiving your trading ideas. I almost feel I should be paying you for it. I have already done well this month simply because I had the guts to listen to you and know your predictions are usually right on. I have a tiny little account I play with that is only $200.00 but it is fun and hopefully will grow over time. I am in no hurry. Down the road a bit I think I will open up a larger account and trade with you full-time. After all you can't knock success and proof is in my trading. I don't know where you get your info on the commercial traders (big dogs) but do keep up the good work. Emma Taylor

Thank you for the private tuition session. I must say that I am very, very pleased with this, it's just so good. For a long time I've been looking for a publication or training of sorts where the teacher says "This is what you do" First you do this, then this, then that etc ,as well as showing you all the indicators and how they work. This video/seminar is just brilliant, I am very pleased with this Tom. Last April I went to a two day options seminar here in London, and after the seminar was over, I had a lot of printed information but still didn't have any idea on how to read charts or indicators or how they worked, but this one of yours Tom is just fantastic, I am now getting proper education which I couldn't find before. Oliver Davies, UK

Howdy from Texas! Just to let you know got your Evolve as a Trader Book Series and it is AWESOME!!!!! Did i say AWESOME!!!! Yes i did! -- It gave me such confidence. Still only 2/3 of it and been watching hammers and spinning tops at the pivots. Knowing that when price for example enters above the pivot thinking sell (although knowing about shades of grey). Anyway, thought I would tell you first night after watching video on Sept 10th saw price enter around M3 and saw double top, thinking sell watched it got down to 1188 and then retrace to 1208. Then saw quadruple top along with a spinning top (I think it was an almost perfect cross). Saw where in the news the Swedes said no the Euro and I'm in at 1203 for a sell. I put my stop in above the double top at M3 at 1235. AS expected saw price move down and touch just above the pivot at 1181 - took my $180 and said goodbye for the day. I figured price still heading towards M2 at 1152 but going to take baby steps and not get greedy! Just wanted to say thanks. Will have lots of questions in future. You are right on Tom. I'm listening. Charlotte Evans

Ava Brown from Scottsdale, AZ: "I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am after finding your Evolve as a Trader Book Series and Google Reviews. I have been trading the Forex market for almost two years. After foolishly spending thousands in my first year trying to learn how to trade currencies. I found your material, and now my trading has improved ten fold since ordering your material and looking at the trade ideas on your platform. Your system has changed my trading from consistently loosing to consistently winning in a short period of time. Your program is an exceptional value and learning experience. Please keep up the good work. Thanks

1st I have to thank you for the training. I know for me it's still early days, but I'm averaging 30 pips a day since studying Pivot Points (67% trade win ratio and improving). I trade the GBP/USD pair and so far you Pivot Points have been deadly accurate (days in a row). It only missed M1 once by about 15 pips I think, but what's 15 pips! Your system has paved & lighted my forex trading path and turned my dumb money into smart money. Thank you. Noelle Van Staden, South Africa

I wanted to tell you that with just a couple of run trough's of the videos in the Evolve as a Trader Book Series and web materials I already feel calmer than I ever have about identifying the strongest points in the market and having a simple, easily executable system for trading it. I'm certainly not new to trading--this is my sixth year as a serious market trader. I've been in the market trading nearly every day for the last four years. I really enjoyed watching and trading the market with your parameters on Friday."... Elijah Wilson

It is absolutely profound/uncanny how your Pivots Program works when the prices reach a particular pivot number. Well, I have got to the point of talking to my computer now (you might laugh, but it is true) as to the accuracy of your program. I personally think your program is great and very unique. Anyone who trades the currency markets (day trading or position trading) will benefit from your program. I do not believe what I am about to say to you is unique only to myself. I believed that the more indicators I used, coupled with graphical tools such as Bollinger bands, moving averages and trend lines made me a better trader. In fact, by the time I had switched off my computer, my eyes were sore with so much nonsense on my screen, and I had LOST MONEY. Now, you come along, and WITHOUT any indicators (MACD and Moving Averages, if you wish to use them), and blow technical trading out the water with a +70% accuracy rate. I must THANK YOU for introducing me to your Pivots Program, as this is one of the GREATEST EDGES any trader will ever see, yet it is so simple to apply and to follow." » Jaco Postma, South Africa.

Vihaan Malik from Saudi Arabia writes: I just don't say anything locally in my small town, as everyone would think I had lost my marbles. I even know a stock broker friend, and asked him about the forex; he said stay away from forex. Funny how it has such a reputation amongst those who don't know what to do, and how to use the PIVOTS and the buy and sell signals the way you have taught me. I was first introduced to forex by a guy that wanted me to pay him US $50,000 to teach me how to trade forex. You can make 20 percent per month on forex standing on your head with your pivot system. Many thanks, and thanks a MILLION for showing me the pivots. Like I said, a man from Toronto got me into the FOREX, but only on Fibonacci and, as you know, they don't work anywhere near like the pivots. He charged me five grand for a three-day course, and I thought I had the world by the tail, until I found your pivot program in the Evolve as a Trader Book series. The pivots are like science, and Friday was a perfect example of that as well, with that beautiful turnaround at 19:15. Like you said, it's like taking candy from a baby.

Mia Thompson Atlanta, GA recently wrote: I would like to personally thank you and your very talented team for all that you provide. I have been a student for a couple months and I am currently trading successfully in a demo account 'soon to go live'. I have taken several trading course for Futures and Options paid multiple times your Evolve as a Trader Book Series price and have been sadly disappointed partially the incomplete material but also my lack of taking the necessary time to devote to the study and practice required. This time with your Evolve as a Trader Book Series I decided to read and follow your recommendations on studying the material, paper trade and demo trade before going live, to really think of this as a business and the effort someone needs to put into any new business. I have been sitting back quietly watching and listening to your video and follow the trade ideas, following up on previous or missed Trading Ideas. I have also been studying, practicing the strategies that are discussed to determine what works best for me personally based on my tolerance level. I am absolutely amazed at the amount of coaching and attention that you provide your students. I am also excited and impressed with many of your students (Susan & Michael, Alistair) and their willingness to share strategies and prepare the supporting documentation. The level of detail that they provide is quite time consuming and I am convinced that your openness and true mentoring fosters that type of community environment. I am very happy to be part of this family and I feel that I have new friends from all over the World. Thank you and God bless you!!

Isabella Rodriguez of Dover, NJ wrote: Tom, I thank God for you every day. You have taught me how to fish...I will never be hungry again!!!

Lucas Jackson recently wrote: Tom, My trading partner Andrew and I purchased your Evolve as a Trader Book Series a short time ago. Having been exposed to forex for the past year through another pricey courses, I didn't really need the beginner training but I did need to know how to capture pips consistently and did not feel I had gained proper training to do so. After many (hundreds) of hours on the charts I found that I was more confused than ever. I didn't know where, when, or even how to spot a winning trade. THEN.... I my trading partner found your Evolve as a Trader Book Series and online training. I have to admit, I was sceptical at first. After taking the advice from several "pros" and my losses getting worse I began to wonder if I could even do this so believing you could help was somewhat doubtful. I immediately started watching the online tutorials and Trading Ideas. I was hooked. You explained this market in a way I have never seen and it all made sense. I had been trading real money for a while and had stopped due to the losses. After viewing probably 100 tutorials in less than a week I decided to venture into the live arena again. Well the results speak for themselves. Before your Evolve as a Trader Book Series I was lucky to win 3 out of 10 trades. Since learning your way of trading I have made 15 trades and had 0 losses. All I can say is your training and mentorship is the answer to my prayer. I sincerely thank you for being my mentor.

Henry Clark of North Carolina recently wrote: Hi Tom, I wanted to let you know that I was excited when my trading partner, Andrew Desjardins, called me and said "You made the Trade Ideas dude!". I wanted to say I thank you for acknowledging my success and I wanted to say once again that your system works. Boy, does it really work!!! I have taken 25 live trades in 10 days of trading and have only lost 2 trades! Tom, if you only knew how frustrated I was and how many hours I have spent reading, listening, watching and waiting...well, maybe you do understand. All I know is that you have simplified the complex and I know that IF I had followed the rules and waited for a confluence on events on the trades I lost then I would not have lost any of my trades... By the way I did some demo trading with this system before I started with live money so really since starting to trade the Tom way, I am at a 90% success rate on my trades. I am still learning patience and letting my profits run but 170 pips profit for 2 weeks isn't bad, ey? I truly appreciate your help. I know you spend lots of time for us in Forex College eLP doing the reviews and videos and it is not taken for granted. Have a wonderful weekend and God bless.

Jonah Allah, UAE wrote: First I want to thank you for your Evolve as a Trader Book Series. About 6 months ago a friend introduced me to FOREX trading using the news, MACD, Stochastic and EMA lines. Even though I could tell market direction from these things I could not tell when price would move, or where and how far. I either stayed in a trade too long or not long enough and I often got whipsawed badly. I invested small, ($1700) but when I had only $300 left I quit. I did not trade again until I bought your Evolve as a Trader Book Series. I spent all my free time studying your Evolve as a Trader Book Series and saw all the mistakes I was making. I restarted trading May 1 using only 1 mini-lot at a time. In the first week I had 23 trades with 19 winners and 4 losers. I will take those odds any day and your Evolve as a Trader Book Series was my guide all the way. I now have 571.54 in my account and I hope to increase it again this next week. I am sure your big traders are laughing at these small potatoes, but to almost double my money in one week is one of the most exciting things I have ever experienced. I can now look at a chart and know 75% of the time where it will go and when to get in and not get in, no more no man's land for me. Thank you, and I will write again next week and let you know how I did"

William Johnson from Renton WA wrote: "I wanted to write and tell you how much I appreciate your Evolve as a Trader Book Series. You are a man of integrity and very professional. I was sceptical at first but have grown to trust and admire your word and work. Thank you very much. Sincerely, William

Max O Wright of Brandon, FL wrote: Hi Tom, Even though I have been trading for almost 4 years, I have found your information to be extremely helpful. This is definitely the best $400 I have ever spent for trading purposes. And I have recommended your Evolve as a Trader Book Series to every trader that I know. After taking your Evolve as a Trader Book Series, I find myself drawing more and more pencil lines in my trading. Drawing lines from one support to the next and from one resistance to the next. I have been amazed how actuate the Pivot Points have been. I am also amazed, how many times these same pencil lines can be used to help predict how far a price will move in one direction or another...I recommend that all traders practice drawing pencil lines. Draw your lines from one support point to the next support point and from one resistance point to the next resistance point. I like to go back and extend the lines out. Many times a pencil line that was used as support will later become resistance or vice versa...Thanks you again for your efforts. Your new friend, Max

Harper Walker of Dallas, Texas wrote: Tom, I sent you chart #1 attached this past Friday. As you can see from chart #2 as of eastern Monday, my price projection came within 7 pips of what looks to be a resistance point taking hold. What an excellent tool. Thanks Joe! Your video showed me the way. 271 pip gain on my third live trade! I'm 3 for 3 in live trading now. Very powerful stuff. Thank you!!

Alexander & Amelia of Santa Barbara, CA wrote: Dear Tom, Wow! Thank you so much for being such a great teacher and such a giving individual. And thanks to all the members who write in too...

Evelyn Lewis, West Palm Beach, FL: Tom, I've had your Evolve as a Trader Book Series for 1 month yesterday. It all clicked today evolution! Trend lines, RR tracks, Price Projections, and let's not forget making those pips! I'm having such a hard time exercising restraint. My plan is to go live on June 1. I'm making all this money on paper. It's hard not to go wild. Price projections work, trend lines work, pivots work! Thank you.

Benjamin Thomas of UK wrote: Forex College Instructor Team: Today I concluded a position trade on the GBP/USD and made a several hundred tick profit (modesty prevents me from revealing the actual number). However the money that I made is somewhat immaterial because what I want to put over, is the confidence that you have given me together with outstanding contributions from the I-team and other members to trade the forex using logical, powerful, and robust and well presented methodology. From us all out here in eLP Valley, thanks guys. Regards, Ben

Sophia Miller of London, UK wrote: I simply kept things... simple and applied your methods. I tell you I felt like I had stolen the money or something!! ;-) Your methods work because they are tried and true.

Amelia Anderson of Conyers, GE wrote: Hi Tom - First, your Evolve as a Trader Book Series it the best I've seen insofar as value and benefit to the student. I know because I started in the futures market after college in 1977 and I've seen all the others who bloviate, fell victim to the predators early in my youth, and learned the only way to succeed is to become self sufficient in my own analysis of the market. When I made the jump to Forex, I consider myself fortunate to have found you because the two markets require a different set of skills and I had to learn a new trick or two. I've never met you personally, but you present your work in a manner on behalf of your students that is indicative of a caring person of faith, principles, ethics and morals. How refreshing in this business. I hope to meet you one of these days to personally thank you for being a part of my continued success.

Noel O'Neil of Delano, MN wrote: Hi Tom, I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for the time and effort you put into the trade ideas. For someone like me (just learning to trade), they have really been teaching me valuable lessons. As a new trader it really helps when you go through the currencies and show us your perspective on what you think is going to happen. I have made $850 in demo money the last two days tracking a couple of position trades. I don't know of any other Evolve as a Trader Book Series that is as hands on as yours. Keep up the good work! God Bless

Joy Whidby of Greenfield, Massachusetts wrote: Hello Tom, This is a long over due THANK YOU! I purchased your Evolve as a Trader Book Series back in March of this year and I was totally blown away with the content. It is all straight forward, no fluff, non-esoteric or off-beat information. I love your trade ideas, which keeps getting better, I look forward to it everyday. I feel like you are in my house coaching me personally everyday! I like the idea that it is not someone on some "ivory tower", it's a very open and down to earth community for everyone to learn and help others. I continue to improve with my trading week after week, I am currently at 67% win/loss ratio. I went live with my account in the beginning of June which to date is up 69% hmmm...beats the .125% per/mo. interest rate banks pay.

Liya Ahmed of UAE, loves our program: Thanks for being such a wonderful guide in the Forex world. You are no doubt the best, and yet striving for perfection. I don't think anyone (competitor) has the initiative to even come close. The (daily) video commentary is just too good, and I must say it's an extra, extra effort by all of you. You do so much even after the Evolve as a Trader Book Series is taught. We will always value all of these things forever

Adam Uzoka of Peoria, IL: Hi Tom, Absolutely love your Evolve as a Trader Book Series! I am an airline pilot and the format of your Evolve as a Trader Book Series bears an uncanny resemblance to the way we train. The quality of the pre-flight prep is essential to a safe and successful flight and the analogy has a precise correlation to trading. I have much to learn but I am starting to get comfortable... Keep up the great work.

Melanie O'Brien of Seattle, WA: Hi Tom- The Trading Ideas are amazing. I feel like its Christmas every time I watch one. When I bought your Evolve as a Trader Book Series, I had no idea that the most valuable part of it would be the ongoing support and community you provide with the Trading Ideas. I am grateful to you and to the many experienced traders who are sharing their wisdom. With your techniques I am gaining a level of confidence I have never experienced before. Thank you!!

Tom Carter of Riverside, Missouri offers praise: Your Evolve as a Trader Book Series is awesome, I've learned more in 2 weeks than in the last 4 years. Your Trading Ideas are PRICELESS, what I learn everyday from watching them is amazing. Thank you all so very much for your hard, hard work. Please thank Tom also for what he is doing for all of us. You just can't put a price on how much you all are helping me. I now KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that I CAN NOW trade profitably, what a relief. Thank you again & God Bless you all.

Alan Rosko of Simi Valley wrote: The stats for this past week. I made 26 trades: 23 positive, 2 negative, 1 zero. Net 736 pips! I can't say I did anything really special, but I have never had a week like this. I stuck to the basics you teach...Check MACD on the 1hr, sell rallies in a downtrend, buy dips in up trend, and look for candle patterns like RR tracks and Hammers. By Monday morning it looked to me that the USD was trying to finally make it's down turn, so I avoided USD-long positions this week and looked for the rallies to short the USD. There was one trade opportunity on the USD/JPY on Thursday that really stood out for me. I have included a chart. Although it turned out to be good for only about 30 pips, this was a case of extreme confluence, and all green lights from home to the bank! I entered trades after the first two RR tracks, But after a third one formed, and then there was a bounce off a weekly pivot and trend line, I loaded-up the boat--or filled my boots as you say--and put in a much bigger third sell order. I perhaps should have waited for the close of the bar I got in on with the big order, as it had not yet returned below M3, but I thought there were enough indications of price heading down so I went ahead and loaded it up and did just fine. Again, Thanks so much for what you do for us. I'm looking forward to our next one-on-one consultation.

Pam Smith of Toronto, Canada recently thanked us: Just wanted to thank you all for an incredible Evolve as a Trader Book Series!!! Your efforts in the trade ideas, and the modules are mind blowing. You guys are more than doing your part to make sure we are all successful. I get frightened thinking what might have been if I hadn't found you on the internet! Thnx.

Mike Schwartz of Perth, Australia wrote: Hello Tom... Thank you for making the world of Forex Trading a safe place to be. With your tutorials and teaching we (my wife and I) are finally making trades with confidence and being able to bank some profits. Wish we had found you two years ago before we threw away good money on bad teaching.

Owen Campbell of Boston, MA wrote: Just a quick note to thank you, Tom and your team, for all of your efforts on the trade ideas. I am a huge fan! Also, I would like to thank the other members out there for all of their submissions. They have been so helpful in my learning process. You have all been so generous in sharing your time and insights especially for those of us new to this. A million thanks!

Bernadette Wolfforth recently wrote: Many thanks to you Tom. Trading can be a solitary experience, so I for one really appreciate the daily contact you give and the growing feeling of family/teamwork that is developing - it's great.

Richard Carter fr. Haddington, UK recently wrote: ...I recently ordered your Evolve as a Trader Book Series and enjoyed it so much. You may be pleased to know that I covered the cost of both Evolve as a Trader Book Seriess in the last two days trading! WOW! I really enjoy your daily Trading Ideas which is most informative and find it fascinating to see if my interpretation of the charts matches yours! Thank you so much. Keep up the great work! Very Best Wishes, Richard.

This just in from Marc Roberts of Richmond, BC: As a new trader, I just wanted to add my 2 cents and thank you for your trading ideas and to both Richard and yourself for your respective tutorials that are just invaluable. Your frequent reminders of patience, capital preservation, iron-clad trades, "confluence of events", daily work/study, "treat it like a business" and that it is a learned skill that requires time and dedication are not just KEY but contrasts positively against the other "Black Box" offerings out there.

The latest Aria Ali from, S. Africa: Dear Tom, I've bought your Evolve as a Trader Book Series. I find it absolutely magic, I've gone through the Evolve as a Trader Book Series and started with my paper trading, made $3700.00 in my first 3 weeks.... Thank you for your Evolve as a Trader Book Series material and the professional way in which it is presented. For the first time in my life I am in possession of the right tool with the right backing structure in your mentor program to establish my financial freedom through using your system and hard work. You have already changed my life and I am sure it will still change in the future, due to me using your system. Thanks a million (will have my first soon!!!) Happy New Year to you, your family and staff.

Wendy Mitchell of Pensacola, FL recent wrote: WOW! I am so glad I found this site. Meat and potatoes. I have been hungry and you guy's are feeding my thirst for true trading knowledge. The online video tutorial library is worth the price of admission. Thanks for what you're doing and keep it up. Blessings to you all, Wendy.

Alexander Robinson of Manly, Australia recently wrote: Hi Tom, thank you for all the information you send trough your emails, it is amazing. I have done 2 currency trading courses before I decide to buy your Evolve as a Trader Book Series,, but what a difference your Evolve as a Trader Book Series has made, it is fantastic to receive the trading ideas and video support. Kind Regards Alex

James Garcia of Adrian, MI enjoying great success with your Evolve as a Trader Book Series: I'm a new member and have purchased and have been studying your Evolve as a Trader Book Series. I just wanted to let you know that with the demo account i opened, and following your system, I have been successful 5 out of seven trades so far. I do find it amazing how price reacts to the pivot points. Thank you!

Rave reviews from a Couple of Professionals: Dear Tom, I ordered your Evolve as a Trader Book Series a couple of weeks ago and I was initially concerned about delivery method as I live on one of the Canary Islands, where delivery can often be a problem. Your online delivery and providing the e-Learning Platform is just amazing and the fact that we can use it both Online and Offline!!! My wife and I both trade full time on the forex and have been doing so for about 18 months. We are both dedicated to becoming the best that it is possible to be and because of this, we study rather a lot more than usual...i.e., almost every waking hour, including week-ends. When we are not actually trading (and I include in the term trading, studying the charts and waiting for trading set ups), we spend our time learning new techniques and searching for better ways to trade. We have read almost all of the recommended books on trading including, but not limited to - Nison, Murphey, Bollinger, Henderson, Smith, Mun, Douglas and Schwager

NONE OF THE SO CALLED PRO'S ARE IN THE SAME LEAGUE AS YOU!!!!!! We do not trade to lose. We are professionals. But having said this, I must confess that never have we been able to trade with such a high level of accuracy as has been possible using the methods taught in your Evolve as a Trader Book Series. We would like also to thank you for the unique MACD method. Very clear, concise and useful information. Should you every require a testimonial for your excellent Evolve as a Trader Book Series and back up services, please do not hesitate to ask me. Kindest regards, James Sotheby.

David Steyn. of Johannesburg, SA says thanks: I want to say thank you for such a great and fantastic trading system. I purchased your Evolve as a Trader Book Series about 3 weeks ago and have already come to terms with everything you said! I CAN DO IT!!! And I have, I am trading the London session and am getting results every time without failing, Thanks again. Your- Student David.

Good words from Sophia Clarence of Britain: I have been studying trading full time for six months now and done several trading courses good and bad. Your Evolve as a Trader Book Series has massively improved my trading; and I wanted to thank you very much for the work you have put into it and into these daily updates/trading ideas. Regards, Sophia"

Jamie Spores of Fairview Height, IL singing our praises: "Just paid for the Evolve as a Trader Book Series this morning….Just a note to let you know I saw a rectangle patter formation developing around 02:30 CDT this mourning on the 15 min. EUR/USD chart. Price oscillated in a 20 or 30 pip channel before it dove down
@ 03:28 CDT. At 03:28 sold 10 mini-lots @ .3268 At 04:00 sold 5 mini-lots @ .3250 At 04:10 sold 5 mini-lots @ .3230 Then cashed out by buying 20 mini-lots @ .3226 at 04:17.
This made me $560.00 with the EUR, within the same time frame I shorted the GBP and made another $400.00, for a total of $960.00 in less than 50 minutes. I saw the arrow forming for about an hour, and waited until it showed its hand and dove down. Along with all your good information and healthy dose of patience to wait until price direction reveals itself to you I think I can make it. Thanks! Jamie

Sibongile Dlamini, RSA offers praises: First off, my trading partner & I want to tell you that your Evolve as a Trader Book Series (Pivot Forex Trading system) is the 1st book we've had (and we've had many) that deals directly & thoroughly with the subject matter you describe. Detailed examples and explanations of your system are a welcome change from other courses that explain theories in generalizations with examples from other market tradables. Thanks!

Bongani Chauke, RSA recently wrote us: All I can say right now is Thank you. I've a lot to learn and look forward to a private tuition session. Thank you again.

Zanele Mkhwanazi from SA raves: I am very happy with your daily analysis and teaching. I have been to other Evolve as a Trader Book Seriess that teach technical analysis and they aren't even in the same universe - never mind the ball park.

Jerome Doctor from SA is enjoying great success: Doing fine with the Evolve as a Trader Book Series, up 52% on my account. Again I'm using only your Fibonacci method from your Evolve as a Trader Book Series. Together if all continues like this, it will be like taking candies from a baby

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