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Evolve as a Trader Program is the best trading education program in the world developed by Private Traders for anyone willing to learn how to Trade Online.

Online trading course by private traders

A System Built By Private Online Traders

The Evolve as a Trader Program was developed by successful private traders, using the best trading concepts and training methods. We don't train "the masses". We focus on teaching people how to trade online while getting to know them as well. Trading isn't about automatically plotting indicators, order executions, or follow some signals blindly; it is about reaching mastery through practice and understanding.

You will learn to trade Currencies (Forex), Commodities, Indices, Cryptocurrencies, Shares, and more on the most advanced trading platform using our state-of-the-art eLearning Platform, Gadgets, and Instrument Ratings. The best is, you can access this from anywhere.


What could this Online Trading Course be worth to you?

This complete online course is revolutionary

Accessible from anywhere in the world, using any smart device.

Direct access to highly experienced private traders using private forums.

An effective 5 step learning evolution model from novice to mastery.

Simple yet effective approach to decide the best next trading move.

Exercises to compete against the best and brightest traders, with skill and confidence.

Low start-up cost.

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Overview - What You Will Learn

Fully Online Trading Course using a State-of-the-Art eLearning Platform

This best online trading course was developed to help the average person to understand and trade different sectors of the financial markets online. We make use of a simple 5 step evolution learning model "from novice to mastery" to help you master the most effective and profitable trading concepts in the shortest time possible. Taking it a step further with our unique "Decide the Best Next Trading Move" you will learn to trade only high probability trade setups. But that is not all, we deal with the psychology of a trader and tips on taking care of your health while pursuing online trading as a business. All levels consist of Videos, with supporting documentation, Forums to interact with the instructors (mentor), self-assessment quizzes, Time-based compulsory assessment, assignments to address your weaknesses, and each level focus on a certain aspect of proper Money Management Principals. Our instructor team works with you to overcome your weaknesses. If you feel your need more personalized training you can book a one-to-one session with a mentor using the booking feature within the eLearning Platform.

- Mastery is not a Mystery, It is 5 Steps -

Introduction to Online Trading and the sectors of the financial markets you will focus on during this course. Introduction to brokers and how to rate a broker for liquidity and service. Using the best online trading platform (MT5) available today, you have to see this as an essential part of the course. You will learn how to master basic trading concepts, like the forces of supply and demand, the correct way to plot trend lines, identify support and resistance areas, how to place pending and direct market orders, and build the experience using the Trading Platform. Place a trade within your first week.

- Start the journey -

Here we deal with trader's psychology, identify mental pitfalls and how to overcome them, learn from others and your own mistakes, identify your weakness as a trader, and more. Looking at the health aspect is as important as any other trading concept, due to a fast-moving market and heavy but exciting price action the cortisol levels might increase and in a state of good health, you will be able to control your emotions, fear, and greed effectively. Going deep into technical pattern recognition and how to trade price patterns effectively and profitable, get access to what we like to call the James Bond gadgets for online trading to help you in your analysis. Dealing with the fundamental aspects of the online trading environment and the origin of supply and demand issues. Simple strategies to help guide you to develop your strategy to fit your trader personality.

- Overcome the pitfalls and thrive -

The final leg of this incredible journey. You will learn even more profit-enhancing trading concepts of a predictive nature and how to optimize these trading tools to identify the highest probability trade setup and prosper. Simple steps to always act in your own best interest, getting to know the trader child within and dealing with morning pages, an effective way to help improve your day-to-day trading results. How to combine all the trading concepts learned in the entire course for optimal analyses and trading results. Finally, we deal with running Online Trading as a business, from inception, creating the product, generating revenue, variable costs, and fixed costs to get to the point where your business generates enough Business Net Profit to live a comfortable life trading online.

- True wealth is living life on your terms -

Easy Financial Empowerment.

Waking up in the morning, get your coffee, tackle the markets, and make the money you need. All of this from your computer or smart device at home or anywhere you can connect to the internet. This is the reason so many people come into the financial exchange markets, to live life on their terms. It gives you the ability to wake up in the morning, just you and your computer, no rush hour driving, no boss, no employees, no marketing. It doesn't matter your age your sexual orientation, religion, and your educational level. All that matters is you and the market. The better you can get at this particular skill set the more money you can make.

If you want to be able to make more money and do it from your home or anywhere you like. I want you to pay attention to how powerful online trading is. As traders, we identify price action and patterns on charts, look for the patterns with the highest probability, and trade them.

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High Probability Price Patterns

Learn how to identify and trade High Probability Price Patterns

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Profit Potential

Apply the trading concepts and strategies from our Online Trading Course to trade profitable.

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