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e-Learning Course

Once-Off ONLY!! R19,999.00 ZAR

Payment Plan available - Initial fee R2,999.00 ZAR

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  • Live interaction with master traders
  • Live trading access,
  • Start immediately,
  • 90 days FC Community membership,
  • Decade's instructor experience,
  • Full support,
  • Access on mobile & desktop (all smart device, from anywhere).
  • Payment Plan - deposit and 11 equal monthly payments of R2,000.00 ZAR each

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e-Learning Course

Our, e-Learning Course is simply what we wished was available when we started trading. Designed to accommodate forex, indices, crypto currencies, commodities, and equity traders in their first year. It will help you take control of your trading, significantly cut your learning curve, and help your development into a consistent trader. The entire Course is based on the Evolve as a Trader Book Series exclusively available at Forex College.

How to grow a small account - The ultimate trading course

Once complete, you will be starting to confidently trade your own capital using a practical profit-enhancing approach, have a unique trading plan created around your needs and trader personality, identifying a flow of high probability regular trading opportunities, replace fear with confidence, replace greed with moderation, and most importantly, possess the knowledge and skill to make decisions for yourself.

The Course

There are several elements to the course:

The course is delivered online and accessible on all smart device. You can use the course both online and offline. You are in complete control, work the material at a pace that suits you and in a structured way to help you memorize and practice the concepts as you progress. You'll be mentored directly by an experienced master trader and educator, with a 100% focus on developing your trading skillset.

The overall objective is to teach you and get you consistently applying the profitable trading techniques, and evolve as a consistent trader. We start by making sure your basic knowledge of several fundamental concepts is up to scratch, go over the mind-set you need to win, keeping in shape to compete, our 5 step learning model to master any new skill, determine the best next trading move and go through your trading setup to make sure it is optimal for the course and beyond.

We then take a deep dive into all the key facets of trading needed to apply the approach, including how the laws of supply and demand apply to trading, fundamental analysis, trend identification, support & resistance (supply and demand), candlestick patterns, price patterns, market phases, our unique Pivot Point trading approach, our unique profitable Fibonacci Trading and indicators. We will build your knowledge of each one from the ground up, show you know how they feed into different strategies, and ultimately how they fit into your trading plan.

At the approach's core is the acceptance that trading can be risky, that you are new to it and that you are human – you will make mistakes – for this reason, we place a premium on making sure your risk management skills are sound. (Using well calculated Stop-Losses to protect capital).

Running throughout the Course is the development of your trading plan. This is an important document that brings consistency to your performance as you evolve as a trader. The sessions are structured so to develop this with you as we go, fitting it to your objectives, situation and trader personality. A trading plan is not carved in stone and is a dynamic plan to cater for the ever changing landscape we call the market.

There is no one-size-fits-all in trading. Over decades of trading and teaching, we've found you increase your chances of success if you fit your timeframe, the markets traded, products, strategy, and process to your lifestyle and demands. We'll help you get these decisions right through this planning process and participation.

Finally, we'll focus on the practical aspects of applying what you will discover. We will go through a range of useful tools and how to find a flow analysis and trade ideas, no matter your trading timeframe. Our evolution model of learning a new skill is easy and effective, Learn It, Train It, Test It, Transfer It and TRUST It.

As a student you will have an exclusive opportunity to book a 1-to-1 consultation session with a master trader, you will be asked to complete additional assignments and practice what has been taught, you will however have to show that you are an active participating student within the Course activities.

What you'll learn

Our high probability and profitable trading approach.

A set of clear rules all traders should observe:

  • How to get your trading set-up optimal, so you can focus on finding opportunities.
  • How to stay mentally able to perform in this high-pace market.
  • How to replace Fear with confidence and Greed with moderation.
  • How the laws of supply and demand applies to online trading.
  • How to identify trading phases and when to anticipate and when to participate.
  • How several layers of analysis combine to find good probability setups.
  • Several practical trading strategies, within the wider approach.
  • How to use a range of technical, fundamental, and sentiment analysis techniques.
  • How to identify and plot effective trend lines.
  • How to use price pattern identification to find setups.
  • How to trade using price action.
  • How to use candlestick patterns to time trade entries and exits.
  • Clear rules on risk and money management.
  • How to find a regular flow of analysis and trade ideas.
  • How to write a detailed trading plan.
  • How to set reasonable expectations when trading.
  • How to apply what is taught in a live trading environment.
  • How to stay on track.
  • How to grow a small live account.

FC Community Access

This is our advanced analysis and broadcast platform, as a student, you will get full access for 90 days. This is a fantastic opportunity to see what you've learned in the course – the analysis, the entry techniques, the position sizing – applied to live markets, day in day out by experienced master traders. Should you feel you like to join our community for a longer period you can signup for our monthly subscription at the end of your 90 days.

With your membership of the Forex College Community, you can immerse yourself in trading and choose to follow any of the asset classes and securities on our watch list.


"Following the H & S pattern you showed a couple of days ago, I rode the GBPUSD up for over a 100+ pips gain.

–Liam Smith, Phoenix, AZ

"I spent approx. $1,500 on training and I have already learned more in your mentoring area then I did from any of those materials."

- Noah Williams of Minnesota

I am quite literally astounded at your accuracy of predictions day after day of receiving your trading ideas.

- Emma Taylor

Howdy from Texas! Just to let you know got your Evolve as a Trader Book Series and it is AWESOME!!!!! Did i say AWESOME!!!! Yes i did! -- It gave me such confidence.

- Charlotte Evans

Author and CEO

See LinkedIn profile

Tom Steenkamp author of the Evolve as a Trader book series and founder at Forex College will share his own trades and ideas in the community along side other master traders. He is an expert in technical analysis and its application in spread betting with online trading and is doing this since the early 2000's.

Tom Steenkamp author of the Evolve as a Trader book series and founder at Forex College will share his own trades and ideas in the community along side other master traders. He is an expert in technical analysis and its application in spread betting with online trading and is doing this since the early 2000's.

He is Head master trader at Forex College, since 2007 and is still providing in-house trading and training for a private investment club managing pooled funds.

We (Forex College) adhere to high ethics and standards to provide the best possible and realistic online trading education for individuals wanting to learn about the financial markets, private trading, living life on their terms and how to start doing it themselves using their own capital. Our course have helped hundreds of people approach trading in a plain, balanced manner.

Course Deliverables

Included in the one-off cost are the following deliverables:

  • Exclusive and secure access to the e-Learning Platform, based on the Evolve as a Trader Book Series,
  • Downloadable course/book material,
  • Videos and illustrations,
  • Forum participation,
  • Self-assess and time-based quizzes,
  • Tasks,
  • Material available online and offline for all smart devices,
  • Interaction with the author and other master traders,
  • Your own unique trading plan, tailored to your preferences and personality,
  • 90 days access to the Forex College Community, starting on the day of purchase,
  • Trade journal templates, best trading plan templates, and how to grow a small account using the power of compounding.


What does 1-to-1 consultation mean?

This is available exclusively to students of the e-Learning course who feels that they need a more personalized approach and can book sessions using the in e-Learning Platform feature. This will then be arranged with any of the master traders and if available even the author Tom Steenkamp. It will be just you and the master trader, it's mentoring at its best.

How long will it take?

This is down to you, we recommend following the structure as laid out in the e-Learning platform and immediately start practicing the techniques as you move through the course material. If you spend at least 90 minutes per day learning the concepts and building the skill, you can complete the course in less than 3 months. Most sessions end with self-assess and time-bases quizzed where you can self evaluated your understanding of the concepts. Master traders do check this activity from time to time, and is required before any 1-to-1 consultation bookings can be requested. Master traders can request proof that you have started with the Tasks at the end of some of the chapter before assisting you.

Do I have to do anything outside the e-Learning Course?

Yes. For a typical student, we recommend putting aside at least 3-4 hours per week for additional work, practice trading concepts, trading live on a small account or demo account to get the feel for live trading. The only way to build confidence is by experience. We also recommend you make full use of your Forex College Community access, this contains hours of live market analysis broadcast on most days.

When can I start?

Immediately. After you've purchased the Course you will receive login detail to the e-Learning Platform and will be provided with the links to the Forex College Community. We also ask that you connect with the instructor team, and update your e-Learning Platform profile telling us a little more about yourself and your goals as a trader. You will also have access to the Forex College Community, which you can start using immediately tracking and interacting with master traders and fellow members.

How long do I have access to the e-Learning Course and material?

There is no time limit for access to the e-Learning Platform, however, you need to actively participate in the activities on the e-Learning Platform. If you do not access the e-Learning Platform for a duration of 30 days or more, your access will be suspended. The e-Learning course material is available for download. We do advise that you complete the course in a timely manner as it is easy to unlearn this new skill.

As a student of the e-Learning course, how long do I have access to Forex College Community?

Access to the community for registered students are 90 days, if you feel like being part of this community and following our master traders as they trade, you have the option to subscribe on a monthly basis.

How to take the Course?

Access the e-Learning Platform and follow the instructions. The e-Learning Platform and the Forex College Community platform is available on all smart devices, from anywhere in the world.

This Course is for?

Anyone willing to learn a new life changing skill, new traders wanting to learn a reputable margin trading approach. Existing traders frustrated with their current approach. The course is taught with forex (currencies), crypto currencies, indices, commodities, equities, and spread betting in mind.

Do you guarantee results?

No. We're showing you an approach, how it is applied is down to you.


None, but it helps if you have basic understanding of math and how to use a computer or smart device.

Do you offer signals and/or trade for me?

No, with respect you're missing the point if you're after this type of blind trading service. The Course is geared towards showing you how to trade for yourself, using your own analysis and placing your own trades at your own time. The Forex College Community contains regular in-depth analysis and trade ideas backed up by the techniques we'll be teaching you.

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e-Learning Course

Once-Off ONLY!! R19,999.00 ZAR
Payment Plan available - Initial fee R2,999.00 ZAR

Sign up!!


  • Live interaction with master traders
  • Live trading access,
  • Start immediately,
  • 90 days FC Community membership,
  • Decade's instructor experience,
  • Full support,
  • Access on mobile & desktop (all smart device, from anywhere).

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