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Using a universal Learning Evolution Model combined with the Educational Building blocks of tactile, auditory, visual, and literature methods to enhance the learning process, and change the chaos of information found in FOREX into a higher form of order.

Introduction to Forex Trading

Easy steps to trading success

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Forex Trading

Uncharted territory

Exciting New World

As recent as only 10 years or so ago the world of Forex Trading was really uncharted territory, general public did not know much about this exciting new world, the largest financial market in the world, and that it can actually be traded with low start-up capital. However, today it's a different ball game, it is everywhere in the media, go and search Google for Forex and you will find 221 000 000 results.

So now a days everyone wants to get in on this Forex trading action, and they go for the cheapest signals, 3 day courses over a weekend, or free education sites. They still fail. 90% of newbies trying their hand at Forex trading today still fails within the first year.

Like to know how you can succeedl? Read on...

Why Do so Many Fail?

Lack of Proper Trading Education

Lack of Proper Trading Education. What is available as public knowledge is not always the correct info. Social media and other forms of advertising are rather misleading and making you believe that trading Forex is easy and overnight success is almost guaranteed. Brokers, Signal providers and free education developers design their FREE education in such a way that you will quickly learn how to overtrade and not make money in the long run. Remember they (brokers/introducing brokers) make profits if you win or lose. The next time someone offer you a free trading course but you have to open an account at their broker, tell them you are planning to take only 1 trade in a year, see their reaction. Now we might just have a solution, where you can learn how to make money in the long run trading. Keep on reading…

Evolve as a Trader Program

Easy steps to trading success

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An Addiction

The Forex market is the drug

Trading can pretty quickly become a serious addiction and without proper guidance you will be lured into a world where you will bust account after account, never get ahead in your trading career and start borrowing money just to trade so you can lose even more. There is a solution to deal with this addiction and change it into something really good and profitable. Keep on reading...


Signal Providers

Create your own Buy and Sell signals fitting your trader personality, trading style and budget. Signal providers is a No-Go-Zone. If you just follow someone else's way of trading, you will never learn how to really trade, and you trading career will be done if the signal provider dies or go out of business. The Solution the Evolve as a Trader Program.


Become part of the elite today!!

At Forex College our approach to trading education is a simple learning evolution model combined with education building blocks to teach you proper trading techniques, profit enhancing methods, with tried and tested systems that will carry you forward the rest of your life. Yes you will learn how to trade for real, making your own trading decisions and building your own wealth, not relying on others.

While you learn you will have the guidance and mentorship of our highly passionate and dedicated Instructor Team Members. Their goal is to see you succeed at trading Forex for a living. Show your dedication in working this Program and you will soon join the elite traders.

Smart Device APP

Global learning

Our Learning APP is state-of-the art technology and is available for download on all smart devices, you can use it both online and offline, whenever and wherever you go. This is your platform where you can access most of your training material, interact in group chat sessions, actively participate in forums, complete your self-assessment quizzes, have access to great video training session, and submit your compulsory assignments. It is an all-in-one classroom, anywhere anytime.

Unique to our APP; use the App for direct communication with the Instructor Team and your personal assigned mentor using the build-in messaging service.

Our Instrcutors

Experienced online Forex and Stock traders

No ivory tower here ... The Evolve as a Trader Program is brought to you and taught by expert instructors who are former market makers, brokers and business leaders. Each one is experienced in online Forex and stock trading and an active trader on their own account. As professional trading specialists we take tremendous pleasure in teaching, hosting and passing on the skill and knowledge of trading of currencies, commodities, indices, equities and profitable high value assets to others who would like to know more and change their financial future too.

We prefer to be called "Travel Traders" as we are not bound by borders, office walls, driving rush hour traffic e.g. We are free, live and work from anywhere in the world, independent from routine and not answer to anybody, the sure way real traders live. The Learning App made this possible and are enjoyed by us (Instructor Team) as well as the clients, with an internet connection we all stay connected from anywhere in the world. Let us guide you on this challenging yet exciting and rewarding journey. Our goal is to see you SUCCEED at trading FOREX.

Evolve as a Trader Program

Easy steps to trading success

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Online/Offline Learning App