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You've built a solid foundation of trading knowledge through training and real-life experience. Perhaps you've taken one or more advanced courses to build your expertise in a specific asset class. Now it's time to fine-tune your skills. For some people the challenges are psychological, for others they are more technical.

But we can all use professional guidance to make good trading practices just a little better. That's what the Trader Advisory Service Consultation… developed in response to questions and concerns from our students… is all about.

Platform Immersion:

Your electronic workstation is at the centre of your daily trading endeavour. This hands-on class is about how to use it most effectively.

Mastering the Mental Game:

Learn to break bad habits and escape self-sabotaging behaviour through a series of effective, easy-to-use and fast acting tools that will quickly create positive change. Available Live! Online.

Technical Analysis Strategies:

Learn the technical tools and behaviours that dominate the market in order to properly time your trades. Focus is on price-based technical analysis. Available Live! Online.


Master the foundational knowledge of the crypto space and better analyze the digital assets you are managing. Available Live! Online.

Trading Specialist:

Your personal mentor that will guide you on the path of a professional active trader. You will have direct contact to one of our highly dedicated mentors, this mentor will assist you to fine tune your trading skill and work with you to achieve you desired goals in trading.

Trading as a Business:

Running your trading as a business, with tax advantages and other trader related services.


Pro Forex Trading Course, Home Study or Classroom Version.


R2,000.00 ZAR per month for the first 3 months; and R20,000 ZAR per year for each year thereafter.

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