Trade Room rules

Trade Room Rules

In order to provide our traders with a positive and motivating professional trading atmosphere, we require that you read and agree to adhere to the following rules while in the WhatsApp #Trade Room real time trading.

Age Restriction

You must be at least 18 years old to join the WhatsApp #Trade Room real time trading.

Posting Restrictions

  • Advertising and Soliciting is not permitted in WhatsApp #Trade Room.
  • Posting unauthorized web page URL links is not permitted in WhatsApp #Trade Room.
  • Posting using color is only permitted with approval of a room moderator (@).
  • Postings must be restricted to MA, RSI and Forex College Power Strategy and related trade setups and not other trading strategies.

Moderated Trading Hours: 08:00 to 17:00 GMT +2

During Moderated Trading Hours, please limit your comments in the room to trade postings, trade setups, and relevant market analysis. Also, do not disturb room moderators or voiced traders during moderated trading. If you have technical problems with a trading platform, indicator, charting system or anything not directly related to a trade setup then please do not post that here but find a more appropriate place to post your question or problem.

Private Messaging Restriction

  • Do not Private Message other room members without their permission / consent.
  • Do not Private Message, interrupt or distract room moderators (@) or voiced traders (+) during Moderated Trading Hours.

Room Etiquette

  • Offensive language, remarks, or jokes are not tolerated. This includes racial, ethnic, sexual, and religious comments, humour, or web-page links.
  • Offensive user nicknames are not permitted.
  • We request all room members respect one another at all times.

Winners Attitude

Great Trading arises from a focused, motivated, optimistic and positive winning attitude. We want the WhatsApp #Trade Room environment to support and enhance these success oriented personal characteristics. Bring a positive winning attitude to each trading day, and let your contribution to WhatsApp #Trade Room reflect your winner’s attitude. Be supportive of the trades posted by other room members, avoid negative public criticism of another member’s trade or viewpoint. Find ways to help your fellow traders in WhatsApp #Trade Room to be successful, we all benefit from the helpful and creative contributions of our members.

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