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Our Online Learning Environment - Virtual Classroom

  • 1. Is a learning environment with no physical location and in which the instructors and students are separated by space.
  • 2. Our VC Learning platform allows sharing of educational materials with the learners via the web.
  • 3. VC is the online didactic context that promotes students learning.
  • 4. The cyberspace learning environment that utilizes computer mediated communications.

FREE!! 3 months

We have so much confidence in our trading course, instructors and trader training that we will grant you FREE access to the Virtual Classroom and Online Learning Activities for a full 3 months. YES!! You get to take part in our interactive live training sessions, forums, time-based quizzes, follow our trading signals and have an instructor in your pocket or in the palm of you hand, as close as your smart phone or device for a full 3 months after you have registered. Should you require more training or just like to stay part of this great trader community you can use our "Pay as You Learn" structure and keep receiving the great benefits of the Virtual Classroom

Online Learning

Our Virtual Classroom is an online spaces that is designed for learning. Our Virtual Classroom (VC) form part of the Pro Forex Trading Course / Private Trading Licence. Our VC facilitate Online Learning activities and live teaching, either one-to-one or for a group. This includes more educational material, with live video and audio streaming capabilities, an interactive whiteboard set up, additional resources and text chat options.

Our VC is accessed via cloud based software Moodle. This means that the VC is hosted by Forex College. You won't need to download anything onto your computer in order to use it and it is available as a smart phone app from anywhere in the world 24/7.

Best way to use our virtual classroom?

Our VC make it far more intuitive to teach online. We use impressive new ways to interact with students from all over.

#1. Share video lectures

Used in addition to written learning materials, our videos add some much needed personality and warmth to our online courses. It's also important to note that all students have different learning styles and preferences, so our VC provides a range of options to help ensure that all students are properly engaged with the course.

#2. Host live chats

In addition our video lectures, our live chats are an excellent way to involve our learning community that in turn makes the learning process a lot more dynamic. In the VC we host live chat video training session, training seminars, live trading session and more. This is an extremely productive way to bring the students and mentor team together and in the same time enhancing the learning experience.

#3. Share interactive learning activities

We encourage active participation in the learning process by ensuring the virtual classroom includes interactive learning and revision activities. With time based quizzes, time based assignments, forums and interactive online trading sessions.

#4. Incorporate instant feedback

Instant feedback allow the student to see how well they're doing. The automated assessments are a fantastic tool to gauge student performance and knowledge of subjects. As a students you can keep track of how much you are learning and how effective your revision is as you proceed through the courses.

#5. Regular Trade Recommendation

Follow our trade reconduction on a regular basis as we trade our own fund, looking at the week ahead and a recap of the previous week.

#6. Get the App

Use our App and have all your training and interaction in the palm of your hand. Download the App from within the Virtual Classroom


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