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Through structured lessons, interactive instruction, and dedicated support, you'll have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to execute our Power Strategy and work the 151 Wealth Builder Program (Compounding Profits)— designed to empower you to generate income and build wealth. Forex College provides a comprehensive Forex Trading Course offering across multiple asset classes to fit your trader personality.


Assets you will be trading



Forex, also known as foreign exchange, FX or currency trading, is a decentralized global market where all the world's currencies trade.



A commodity is a basic good or raw material in commerce that individuals or institutions buy and sell. Like Brent crude oil, corn and gold.



Indices (alternatively known as 'indexes') are assets organized together in order to represent a specific sector of a market, or the market as a whole.



An equity market is a market in which shares are issued and traded, either through exchanges or over-the-counter markets.

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At Forex College we strive to deliver quality education worldwide and we are proud to deliver learning to people who might not have regular internet access. Our Training App extend your learning to on-the-go when and where you need it, even offline. Using the Apps, you can access the Virtual Classroom education and training activities instantly from anywhere. Everything the you do offline in the app is automatically synchronised when connected, so the learning journey is always available across your devices.

Our stand-alone version is a small in size file available for Windows OS users.

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What We Do

Fundamentals and Technical Analysis

We have found that traders tend to focus on one type of analysis or the other (fundamental or technical) in their trading and will often completely dismiss other types. We encourage traders to spend the time it takes to understand the underlying forces moving the market (fundamentals) as well as what is happening in price, volume and volatility (technical.)

Fundamentals Analysis

Economic Fundamentals are those that reflect growth, trade and production. These include most of the news in the Forex (we will talk about news analysis in greater detail later). Although fundamentals like GDP or trade data can be helpful, it is always difficult to find the common denominator when comparing these fundamentals across borders. Therefore we tend to work mostly with those fundamentals that fall into another category.

Intermarket fundamentals include interest rates, equity yields, relative strength, commodity prices and sentiment information; like institutional commitment and volatility. These may not sound like traditional fundamental factors but we believe they are far more useful and predictive than the official and lagging news releases of economic reports.


Technical Analysis

This is a subject we are quite passionate about at FOREX COLLEGE. Charting is the core of the analysis done by a technician. Reading and analysing charts is something that you get better at with time and experience. But if it's not harnessed correctly, it can also become almost hypnotizing and lead to "ticker-itus," a dangerous condition that borders on obsession, as a trader spends more and more time staring at charts and indicators and less time making trading decisions and controlling risk.



Currencies Analysis Gauges

Technical analysis gauges display real-time ratings for the selected time frames. The summary for GBPZAR is based on the most popular technical indicators — Moving Averages, Oscillators, Pivots and our Trend and Range Trading Strategies. Results are available at a quick glance.

Guage GBPZAR Intraday

Guage GBPZAR Daily

How We Do It

State-of-the-art Trading Platform

trading platform

Key Elements of the Platform Interface

The trading platform provides a simple and user friendly interface. All commands can be accessed from the main menu, and the most frequently used ones are available on the tool bar. Quotes are displayed in Market Watch, while from the Navigator you can manage technical analysis and algorithmic trading tools.

  • Charts allow traders to visually monitor quotes of financial instruments in real time and respond instantly to any changes in the market.>
  • Straight in the platform you can receive financial news from international news agencies. This helps you stay updated and take appropriate trading decisions.
  • Push notifications are received by the device, regardless of whether the Trading Platform application is running or not. All that is needed is the mobile Internet connection.
  • Built-in platform chats allow traders to communicate with mentors other students and technical support teams directly while trading.
  • Forex, stocks and futures can be traded anytime and anywhere. The installation of Trading Platform for iOS or Android on your smart phone or tablet allows you to stay informed with financial information and conduct trade operations in financial markets 24 hours a day. The rich functionality of the Trading Platform now fits in your hand.
  • Trade execution speed is very important in financial trading. A special panel allows performing instant trade operations directly on a chart.

Why We Do It

Getting older, take ACTION now!!

Older I get

The average person lives 27,375 days, 75 years. That is the average life span in the United States today: 27,375 days. If you are typical, that is what was deposited in your "time bank" when you were born. Every day, whether or not you want to, you make a withdrawal of 1 day. When the days run out, you die. Game over.

To find out how much time you have left in your "time bank" if you are an average man or woman, use the field provided, just enter your current age in the Current Age field and click Days Left!! button.

Will you agree that time is running out pretty fast and that you need to take ACTION right now to secure a financially free life. The solution is Forex Trading and the Pro Forex Trading Course. Invest in yourself and get the Know-How to make a living trading.

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Beat inflation with trading Forex


Inflation can affect your savings and minimize the value of your investment. But you can slow down the process by taking some preventive measures. If you want to protect your investment from the influence of the inflation then go through the following tips.

  • 1. Learn to take risks
  • 2. Expand your investment portfolio
  • 3. Let your interest and profits compound (see section below)
  • 4. Invest in yourself - get the Know-How

What will you do if you lose your job tomorrow, how will you be able to survive? Forex Trading and the Pro Forex Trading Course is the solution. Get it today

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Get RICH Trading

The power of compounding!!

Older I get

What is Compound Interest/Profits?

Compound interest is a phenomenon force behind building incredible wealth. Do you know someone who came from humble beginnings financially, who used a combination of hard work, patience and wise investment to become wealthy today? Chances are they took advantage of compound interest to get there!

The key to understanding how compound interest works is to realize the role of time. The earlier you push the compound interest button, the more impressive the long-term results.

Why It's Never Too Late (or Too Early) to Begin

Compound interest is a force you want on your side in the quest to live a financially free life. All that you need are the trading skills in our Pro Forex Trading Course and the 151 Wealth Builder Program and let time work for you. We developed a working compounding trading system that will allow you to build incredible wealth over time trading the Forex market.

Maybe you're in your 30s, 40s or even 50s and you haven't begun trading yet. That's no reason to throw your hands up and declare living a financial free life is an impossible dream. The truth is, you can also leverage the power of trading and compounding profits over time using our 151 Wealth Builder Program.


Compound profits/return – meaning that the profits you earn each week is added to your principal, so that the balance doesn't merely grow, it grows at an increasing rate – is one of the most useful concepts in finance and trading.

We use the average profit/return per week and compounding periods according to our tried and tested 151 Wealth Builder Program.

Enter your Current Principal amount and the number of WEEKS you would like to see it grow. Remember the role of TIME in this equation, the longer the time period the more impressive the Power of Compounding. .

Power of Compounding

Education Path

Aim your financial future in the right direction

Home Study

An Ideal Learning Environment

By taking control of your own schedule, YOU decide when, where and for how long you study. Even for those already balancing a busy family life and full-time job, just a few hours here and there could be put to use enhancing your future as an active professional trader.

As competition continues to grow, traders are routinely relying on further education to provide them with an essential advantage. Time and other commitments often make returning to full-time study impossible – Forex College offers a comprehensively-accessible alternative! Home Study Course with an online Virtual Classroom.


Tried, Tested and Verified

Our course have been rigorously put through their paces not only by us, but by hundreds of students looking to enhance their trading education. What’s more, our home study course has been crafted from the ground up specifically with distance learning in mind. This means accessible, digestible and easy-to-follow course of truly outstanding quality.

Practical Classroom Training

High Pace Practical Trading Classroom

A 3-day course that consolidates live trading exercises into an intensive high pace practical course aimed to get you ramped on Trading Actively faster than ever.

Classroom training is considered the most effective form of learning. Attending a class requires an investment of time and effort, but the rewards are significant. The classroom environment removes you from the distractions of everyday work so you can focus on improving your Forex trading skills.

Trading Specialist instructor-led training.


PCT Instructor led

Practical classroom training (PCT) constitutes the core of the classroom Pro Forex Trader Course; it is characterised by the transfer of theory into practical classroom activities. It offers the chance to attain trader-relevant competencies through concrete teaching activities, live trading, technical analysis, Money Management, and managing yourself as a trader.

Pro Forex Trading Course

Aim your financial future in the right direction, starting TODAY!!

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