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We have two businesses, one where we trade our own funds, and the other where we teach people to be profitable traders like we are. We share strategies and techniques that was developed and perfected over years by teams of highly professional traders. And help new traders to survive the inevitable (unavoidable) obstacles that you experience as a trader.  Remember the key is to survive the markets.

► Why us?

We trade our own funds on a daily basis, we take our classrooms to our students, we provide you with the tools to survive and succeed in trading. Our courses take you from beginner to professional trader, no need to register for more advance training ever, and we offer a Virtual Classroom where you have access to additional lectures and more.

► You Can Master Online Trading - With the right education and mind-set you will enjoy trading excellence.
► You Can Trade Form Home - Let us show you how you can stay at home and make a living trading.
► You Can Trade From Anywhere in the World - Become a travel trader.
► You Can Trade In South-African Rands (ZAR) - Have your trust account in Rands and earn Rands on all your trades.


What set us apart from our competitors is the fact that we take you on a journey to discover that the “Holy Grail”, not just in trading but in life, resides deep within yourself.  Our educational products will help you master your trader psychology  – Enroll today Our Educational Products

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Master your trader psychology and trade like a successful professional trader.

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Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission

Vision Vision

Our vision is to see more young inspiring traders gain access to high class affordable financial and trading education with the opportunity to enter the financial market place more informed and better equipped to prosper financially in any and all economical conditions.


Our mission is to deliver top class education and training to a wider range of entrepreneurs and young inspiring traders. Up-lift traders by providing great service and support systems in trading the financial markets. Teach young traders to WIN by learning how to lose, and offer guidance to traders to face the inevitable (unavoidable) obstacles and pitfalls they will find while trading the financial markets, traders will be guided not just to face these inevitable obstacles and pitfalls head-on, they learn how to survive and to get through these inevitable situations more informed and ready to make more concrete and professional trading decisions.


Online Trading

Online Trading

Forex College - The Leading Educator in Online Trading Rands
Thanks to the facility provided by the Internet, it is now possible for independent traders to place their own trades online. Modern trading software allows you to install your own "platform" which serves the same function as a trade floor. From here you can perform your own trading transactions without the intervention of broker.
Online Trading
The trade opportunities that are offered on your online trading platform are facilitated and controlled by a 'host' company that supplies especially designed software and shops around to get you the best products and terms on offer. Such companies usually specialize in one or more types or classes of investment instruments, such as futures or forex. Online trading companies are required by law to be registered financial institutions and they fulfil the function of a broker.
Why Trade Online?

The huge advantages offered by online trading are independence, speed and convenience.

Why Trade Online?
Independence Just Do It Speed Just Do It Convenience Just Do It

Why Would You Trade?
Raise Capital Just Do It Investment Just Do It
Speculation Just Do It Hedging Just Do It
Independence Independence

Online trading is great for individual investors who wish to do without the intervention of a broker. The platform in effect fulfills the function of a broker. However, although you can execute your own trades, in reality they are channeled via the trading firm's trade desk.


Thanks to modern Internet transmission speeds, online transactions can all be done in a matter of seconds – much quicker than picking up the phone and making a call.

High Speed
Convenience Convenience

Online trading gives you the tools for trading literally at your fingertips and on your PC desktop. Mobile phone technology now also makes it possible to carry your trading platform with you in your pocket. 

Follow the links below to read more about the different types of online trading

Forex | CFD's | Binary Options | Trading as a Business

Why should you learn to trade?
  • Give yourself the option to continue to build wealth through your own competitive advantage and give yourself the knowledge to confidently choose the right people to help you grow and safeguard the money you've worked so hard to make in the first place.
  • Put the person you trust most as the head of your money management plan... Yourself.



Our Programs

Products & Services

Distance and Face-to-Face Trading School for Forex, CFD's and Binary Options Traders
The success we enjoy comes from teaching students real skills for the real world financial trading. Our approach is rooted in the hands-on, intensive training that gives the tools and experience needed to begin a successful career in professional private trading.
Our faculty, which is at the heart of our success, is made up of professional private traders, private fund managers, entrepreneurs, content writers and tutors. The faculty's skills and talents bring our diverse and eclectic groups of students to the peak of their abilities regardless of the level they are at when they enter.
Keep it Simple "KISS"

Our Courses are based around the principal of keeping things simple, we do focus on a selection of trading concepts we have found to be consistently
helpful in interpreting market behavior and making price forecasts. The aim of this skill building course is not so much centered on the strategies themselves, but rather on how they can be used in conjunction, making you understand that strategies can be combined into powerful trading models.


Our study program require no specialized knowledge of mathematics, apart from addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as drawing and interpreting simple graphs. However, basic computer literacy and the ability to us the Internet for real hands on experience while studying, research purposes and online interaction would be an advantage.

What to Expect

Whatever instrument you chose to trade, the most important thing is to know what to do and what not to do. In this skill building course you will learn what type of instruments will suite you the best to fit your personality type, and the best way to trade it.

You will learn how to make informed decisions and using the tools available to place the probabilities in your favor.

We strive to guide you through the maze of complex terminology's and market jargon and bring you out on the other side infinitely more informed and better equipped to trade just about any market anywhere.

Now building this skill, you will be able to educate yourself in all aspect of the profession of a private trader. Educating yourself on the correct psychological approach to the market! Educating yourself in the correct money management techniques relative to your account size. Educating yourself on the correct entry, exit and stop methods for the trading style that suites you.

Features of the Skill Building Program:

Online and Standalone versions are available, small in size file download, easy navigation, windows like tree view menus, easy access to Online
Virtual Classroom, easy purchase of subject related books, learning outcomes, self assessment quizzes, self assess assignments, tutor assess assignments, videos, audio and more.
Train your brain

Face-to-Face Training - Classroom Training Course

Forex Trading, CFD's Trading and Binary Options Trading

Tuition and Fees - R18,500.00 ZAR Enroll Now!!!

To enhance learning abilities you will find our classroom training unique, focusing on the most powerful trading tool, the BRAIN, shaping you in the trader you want to become in the shortest possible time. With tried, tested and proven strategies you can expect your full-time classroom training to enable you to recognize, analyze, process instantly and execute the trade with little or no cognitive or affective dissonance.

Distance Learning

Distance Learning Course - From Home (anywhere)

Forex Trading, CFD's Trading and Binary Options Trading

Tuition and Fees - R13,500.00 ZAR Enroll Now!!!

Most of us have experienced classroom education. With classroom education you must go to class every day. This means that you cannot have a full-time job while you study.

Distance Learning is a positive step toward finding a more rewarding career and achieving a better life.

Virtual Classroom

Virtual Classroom -Online

Paid membership to all students

The introduction and the use of our online presence resulted in a virtual classroom being created, where significantly more teaching and learning activities take place, to the benefits of all participants.

Participants can be peripheral – in the form of simply reading discussions; or active – through posting question, or responding to question, we call this active learning with formative feedback.

This is a secure site for all our students




Our Programs

Trader Advisory Service

Help traders get back on track to professional trading

Have you attended Trading Education Seminars, read a couple of books, did some course from some dodgy company??
Tried your hand at trading and failed miserably??
Cant see to get the hang of trading the markets??
Struggle endlessly to get ahead in trading??
Get stressed out when you have to enter a trade??
Have developed fear for trading??
Are to greedy and keep on losing??

Then we have the SOLUTION:

We offer traders a service to help them get back on track, you will spend time with a professional trader who will analyze your trades, your performance, your mental abilities and your competence as a trader and more. You will then be guided by this mentor to get you back on the road to professional trading.

Make sure you have previous trading records and you have relatively good knowledge of trading. Most people lack proper education and that is the main cause for failing at trading. Trading can be mastered and will carry your forward the rest of your life.

If you are a struggling trader contact us today, and we will setup a meeting with our head trader. Pleas do go to our contact form and in the "message" box mention "Need Trader Advisory". One of our representatives will then get in contact with you.

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